A giant sand art project with a lifespan of 12 hours

Sandhouse project | Installation | Langeoog D 2007  | Katweijk aan Zee NL 2008

Everything in life is current, everything comes and goes, and nothing stays as it is. We live in a world were everything changes all the time, there’s nothing we can keep, and nothings stays the way it is.
It’s a process we come across daily, sometimes we are very well aware of this, and sometimes it passes us by without knowing it.
By creating a huge and current piece of art, I wanted to show the process of coming and going, but also of movement and stagnation, in an easy, good to understand and recognisable way.
In June 2007 I created 3000 houses of sand on the beach of Langeoog (D). Then the flood came and took, piece by piece, all the houses with it till there was noting left but a blank beach again.
This whole project was redone again on the beach of Katwijk aan Zee (NL).


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