The Moving House | Artist-in-Residence | 2017 | PE

Film  of a colourful house form ‘moving’ through the typical Peruvian landscape.

The house is carried by several people through the beautiful, scenic, mountainous landscapes of Peru. Symbolizing that you will always carry your house with you no matter where you are or where you go. Symbolic for the house is thinking about our doubts. Are we doing right; did we make the correct decisions in our lives? Why are we living the life we live? The more you think, the more insecure you become. Sometimes though, the path that you have to go is not clear and visible and might emerge by itself without control. As the house ‘moves’ through the landscape, we move through our lives. In search of the meaning of our existence.

With thanks to: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

2,60 x 1,60 x 2,20 meter

The Moving House | Peru

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