‘Labyrinth’ | Installation | Urban Artwork

Stadsplein Amstelveen | 2017

time leaps 'Labyrinth'

Artwork for twinning anniversaries Amstelveen, Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg (Germany) & Villa El Salvador (Peru).

The labyrinth is a symbol that is known all over the world and has been seen throughout different cultures. It is not to be confused with a maze, which has the specific intention for people to get lost in it. The inhabitants of Amstelveen created and build together a labyrinth on the main square of Amstelveen, which they could then walk through. This labyrinth did not have any high divisions but was designed on the floor of the square with flowers and plants. It was an art project that existed for 24 hours and visitation was therefore also possible at night. The labyrinth was made up of

more than 20000 flowers, plants and grass, with small candles alongside its edges. People of all ages helped to create the labyrinth. After nightfall one side showed a moving light show featuring the volunteers and spectators themselves. The other side showed a light beam effect which projected the numbers 60 and 20, in honour of the twinning years of Villa El Salvador (Peru) and Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg (Germany) and Amstelveen.

The process of creation; of people walking around and the spectacle of lights was filmed and put together as a time-lapse. It was filmed from above and at the same time projected on the great facade of the art and culture theatre. The labyrinth was simultaneously visible in Villa El Salvador and Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg thanks to a real time livestream transmission.


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