HOME Art Project


Currently 1.8 million inhabitants of non-Dutch origin live in the Netherlands. Together they represent two hundred nationalities, of which 142 nationalities live in Amstelveen alone. ‘HOME Art Project’ is an art project in which visual artist Stephanie Rhode connects different inhabitants, nationalities and backgrounds through a universal theme such as HOME. The current developments put an extra emphasis on the importance of being and feeling at home.
For this art project, Rhode photographs people holding a white house of wool and asks participants where they feel at home and why. This results in the so-called ‘soul photos’, in which the participant is depicted from the back, aiding in the visualisation of participants thoughts and feelings on the subject of home.
From March to May 2023 the first pre-exhibition took place at the COBRA Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen. And from June till August 2023 more photos were exhibited at Schouwburg Amstelveen

In addition to a digital catalog in which all photos and anonymous statements from the participants are bundled, the art project will now be completed with an overview exhibition, September 21st to October 22nd, 2023, in the open air in Amstelveen. It is planned that the exhibition will then travel further, perhaps even to all 142 countries, to show the connection between Amstelveen and the Netherlands and the rest of the world.