HOME Art Project catalogue


Explore the universal concept of “HOME” through this catalog, featuring the unique art project “HOME with Knitted House.”
This catalog is more than just a collection of photographs; it’s an intimate journey into the emotions and thoughts of the participants, masterfully captured by the artist.
“HOME with Knitted House” invites you to delve deeper into the essence of home. With each photograph, the artist not only captures the visual representation of the subject but also explores the inner world of the participants. The individuals photographed are asked to contemplate the meaning of home during the creative process, allowing their emotions and feelings to become visible through the art.

The viewer’s perspective is deliberately designed to be immersive, as you witness each subject from behind, experiencing the moment as if you were right there with them. This unique approach fosters a deeper connection to the emotions conveyed in the images.

But the journey doesn’t stop with the photographs. Following each photo shoot, the participants are invited to reflect on their personal connection to “HOME.” This process yields beautiful and thought-provoking quotes, which are featured alongside the images during the presentation. These quotes serve as a testament to the universality of our emotions, highlighting the diverse ways in which we all relate to the concept of home.