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3 x Art_project Peru 2019

End of July 2019

In the coming months, I will leave my studio on the Amstel to go to a studio in Peru to work on several art projects. At the invitation of X-Change Art Project in Lima, I received an artist-in-residence, which I am very excited about and would like to express my gratitude for. This opportunity gives me the possibility to focus solely on my artistic work for a while, on top of which I will being it in such a beautiful, colourful country with millennia-old culture. In my studio in Lima I will develop different designs, all revolving around my main theme of a “houseā€. The finished works will be presented at an exhibition early October in the artists’ quarter Barronco in Lima.

The first two weeks of August I create, together with adolescents and children from Villa El Salvador (VES), artistic designs and sketches…continue reading