7×7 installation | Amsterdam | 2004 | NL

One piece of art with more then 350 houses on a surface of approximately 400m².

All the houses used for the installation 7×7 have the same basic house form, but are made out of different materials.

Groups of 49 houses, existing out of wood, marmer, glass, galvanized iron, purple felt, cortenstaal, gold foil and clay, all these groups I installed on a sand surface, in ‘the open middle’ of the eleven floors high Atrium building in Amsterdam.

Two big newspaper collages, in the shape of a house, give the whole installation a space filling effect. With this the shape of the installation is rebuild….

A tension occurs when move yourself around the installation.

Because of the way the houses are placed and the different materials that are used, light and shadows change to whole time and give the installation a constantly different variation.

The house can be seen as one shape, but at the same time as a ‘whole’ were shapes smoothly flow in to each other.


Developed by Joris van Rijn
Design by Natalie Vinke